The Suzuki Method of Actor Training

For adults 18 years +

Level: Core Techniques

The Suzuki Method of Actor Training (SMAT) developed by theatre director Tadashi Suzuki, is a rigorous and highly physical method of acting training. This intensive course serves to strengthen an actor’s physical and vocal sensibilities, developing a highly articulate body capable of expressing and communicating with power and precision. The course will highlight the benefits of SMAT training for breath control, presence and imagination in the actor.

Course components

  • Learn and practise the fundamental exercises of SMAT including Basic 1 & 2, the stomp and standing statues.
  • Explore SMAT methods of breath control, centre of gravity, breathing and energy production.
  • Learn to apply the SMAT methods to contemporary performance practise.


  • Develop the actor’s control of breath, energy and stillness
  • Deepen the actor’s connection between body, voice and the imagination.
  • Develop a sound knowledge of SMAT techniques for rehearsal and performance.


Previous training and experience essential

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