NIDA Voice Essentials

Voice Essentials

For adults 18+

Level: Beginner

Learn how the voice works to release its power in performance. Explore a variety of texts to develop your vocal clarity and impact.

Course components

  • Develop an awareness of breath in the body.
  • Free your voice as you articulate clearly, enhance your vocal resonance and projection in script based work.
  • Respond to text with dynamic vocal clarity as you perform text and gain invaluable feedback.


  • Implementation of a vocal warm up and maintenance of a healthy voice using provided exercises.
  • Awareness of how to use the voice safely and effectively to communicate meaning.
  • Confidence in text delivery both of a performative and informal nature.

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Important information

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Voice Essentials

<p><div class="flexslider">{block name:“Discipline: Voice and Singing”}</div></p><h2 id="Foradults18">For adults 18+</h2><h2 id="LevelBeginner">Level: Beginner</h2><p>Learn how the voice works to


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