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Stage Management Essentials

For adults 18+ Level: Beginner The stage manager is the vital link between the artistic and logistical elements of a live production. Develop production skills to communicate effectively with cast and crew and learn methods for scheduling, running rehearsals and calling a show. Course components Understand the collaboration of roles within the theatre and learn stage terminology. Plan a rehearsal schedule and conduct rehearsals in preparation to become a Stage Manager. Mark up a... [More]
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Stage Management Essentials

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AutoCAD Introduction

For adults 18+ Level: Beginner Computer Aided Design (CAD) is an essential skill for those interested in design or technical production. This course introduces you to the possibilities of AutoCAD in drafting and designing, with emphasis on creating and reading plans, sections and elevations. Important information Please read our Cancellation and Transfer Policy. Please wear comfortable clothing you can move in for all drama and performance related courses. Clothing that restricts... [More]

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Sound Design Essentials

For adults 18 years + Level: Core Techniques Gain an understanding of the techniques used in practical sound design and realisation. Learn how to extract sound elements from a dramatic source. Use professional equipment to realise a sound design. Course components Analysis of dramatic sources to extract sound design ideas Exploration of creative processes to realise a sound design Introduction to the tools of sound design for performance Outcomes Ability to dramaturgically analyse... [More]

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Lighting Essentials

For adults 18+ Level: Beginner Identify the fundamentals of lighting for the stage. Learn lighting terminology, explore the capabilities of different lights, utilise equipment to enhance a theatrical production. Course components Explore the fundamental principles of lighting for the stage in a practical workshop environment. Develop an understanding of lighting terminology as it is used in the industry. Gain practical experience with lighting equipment such as rigging, bumping... [More]

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Sound Essentials

For adults 18+ Level: Beginner Experiment with professional sound equipment for both theatre and live events under the guidance of an industry expert. Discover the end to end process and learn to operate a sound desk as you explore the use of live and recorded sounds. Course components Awareness of EQ levels and frequencies for live and recorded events. Discover how to select and use appropriate microphones. Undertake practical exercises in sound desk operation. Outcomes Ability to... [More]

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