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NIDA Online: Write Here, Write Now!

Adults (16+) Level: Beginner Explore the fundamental principles involved in creating your own short dramatic scene. Collaborate in writing compelling stories, develop interesting characters and workshop your ideas in a supportive online environment. Learning Outcomes Understand how to develop story ideas and themes Activate characters through action and dialogue Write a short dramatic scene and respond to feedback Resources Required to Participate Desktop, laptop or mobile with... [More]
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NIDA Online: Write Here, Write Now!

<p><div class="flexslider">{block name:“Discipline: Online Writing”}</div></p><h2 id="Adults16">Adults (16+)</h2><h2 id="LevelBeginner">Level: Beginner</h2><p>Explore the fundamental principles


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Course Bite: Dramaturgy

For adults 18+ Level: Beginner Explore and develop an understanding of the context in which a play resides and how this information is interpreted on the rehearsal room floor. Discover how dramaturgs serve an integral part of the creative process. Course components Explore the role and responsibilities of a dramaturg in the collaborative realisation of a play Learn how to create a dramaturgical workbook for directors and actors Undertake practical research exercises to consider the... [More]

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Dramatic Writing Essentials

For adults 18+ Level: Beginner Discover what makes effective characterisation and a good plot. Stretch your imagination and learn how to create original scripts. Course components Create and workshop your ideas for script development in a supportive environment. Develop techniques for effective characterisation and receive feedback from an industry professional. Undertake writing exercises to identify the structural differences between screen and play writing. Outcomes Script... [More]

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Screen Writing Essentials

For adults 18+ Level: Beginner Identify the components of story telling for the screen. Develop a practical understanding of genre, scene construction, character and dialogue. Course components Discover the principles of screen writing with an industry professional. Examine screen play layout to enable you to confidently write a screen play treatment. Gain valuable feedback on the construction of scenes, development of characters and dialogue as you begin to write your own screen... [More]

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