Young Artist Advisory Committee

We welcome young people from NIDA’s term and holiday classes to join the Young Artist Advisory Committee and share their advice and insights with NIDA Open.

What does the committee do?

  • The Committee meets once a term to share food, stories and experiences
  • Participate in the ‘Young People at NIDA’ experience
  • Give feedback, advice and suggestions about NIDA’s programs
  • Offer creative new ideas and improvements
  • Reports to the Course Manager for Children and Young People

When does the committee meet?

  • Friday 14 March, 5-8pm
  • Friday 16 May, 5-8pm
  • Friday 29 August, 5-8pm
  • Friday 14 November, 5-8pm

Who are we looking for?

  • Young people 12-18 years
  • Enrolled in a NIDA open term or holiday class
  • Passionate about drama and the arts
  • Representative of a wide range of ages, gender, locations, experience, and participation in different course types.
  • Able to attend committee meetings at NIDA, Sydney or reside in Brisbane or Melbourne. Consultative members in Brisbane and Melbourne can pass on their feedback, advice and recommendations to the committee

How to apply

Applications close Monday 24 February 2014. Successful applicants will be notified by Wednesday 5 March 2014. Committee members will hold their position from February 2014 to December 2014.

Application form

{form name:“Young Artist Advisory Committee application” email:“”}
{text label:“Name” required:true}
{text label:“Email address” required:true}
{text label:“Age” required:true}
{popuplist label:“Which city do you live in?” default:“Select an option” options:“Sydney,Melbourne,Brisbane”}
{text label:“Which course are you currently/recently enrolled in and which day do you attend?” required:true lines:2}
{text label:“What do you like about the course/s you have done at NIDA and what do you think could be improved?” required:true lines:8}
{text label:“Why do you want to join the Committee and can you attend all of the sessions?” required:true lines:8}

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