Technical Production

For adults 18+

Level: Core Techniques

Behind every show or event is a skilled group of stage managers, lighting, sound and technical effects people. This course provides a practical introduction to the equipment and production processes which allow you to take control behind the scenes.

Course components

  • Uncover the technical roles and responsibilities within a theatre environment.
  • Discover the principles of lighting and sound as you participate in practical exercises.
  • Learn WHS standards and effective communication strategies as you delve into the responsibilities of being a stage manager.


  • Knowledge of different lights, rigging, techniques and safe practice.
  • Ability to operate a sound desk, EQ and an awareness of analogue and digital differences.
  • Practical experience as a stage manager through calling exercises and mark-up of a performance space.

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Some experience recommended

Important information

  • Please read our Cancellation and Transfer Policy.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing you can move in for all drama and performance related courses. Clothing that restricts movement is inappropriate.
  • Please wear closed-in shoes. Shoes may be removed in the rehearsal room on the direction of the class tutor.
  • Please bring along a pen, notebook or electronic device and a bottle of water to all classes.
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Technical Production

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