Drama for Grades Prep-2, Melbourne

Children must be enrolled in full time formal education to participate in these classes.

Develop confidence, communication, critical and creative thinking skills through fun, practical drama classes.

Learning framework

Each term we focus on a specific area of performance practice to ensure students have a varied experience and learn a range of essential creative skills.

Students are able to join us at the start of any term during the year. Children must be enrolled in full time formal education to participate in these courses.

NIDA Open Drama courses are designed across a four term structure within the following learning framework:

Term one Improvisation and Performance Craft
Term two Voice and Movement
Term three Devising and Contemporary Performance
Term four Script Work and Staging

Term 1, 2021: The Fanciful Forest

Welcome to a land filled with talking trees, magic rocks and enchanted streams. Create your own fantastic adventures exploring the wonderous forest through improvisation, movement and voice. Share some of your amazing discoveries with your classmates in an in classroom presentation.

Course components

  • Freeing the Imagination: Participate in fun and engaging exercises and activities that promote spontaneity, creative expression and self-confidence.
  • Storytelling: Explore stories, ideas and adventures through group and individual improvisation.
  • Character: Experiment with vocal and physical expression to create an original character.

Term 2, 2021: Sounds Silly To Me

Wriggle, jiggle and squiggle your way through the delightfully silly world of nonsense poems. Explore voice and movement skills as you discover the rhythm that enlivens these muddled up verses. Create a silly showing for your blends and rambilies.

Course components

  • Vocal Expression: Participate in fun and engaging exercises and activities that promote vocal expressiveness and confidence.
  • Physical Expression: Participate in games and exercises that promote expressive movement, physical command and spatial awareness.
  • Performance Skill: Experiment with voice and movement choices as part of a short, live presentation.

Term 3, 2021: That Crazy Cat

A magical hat and a cheeky cat. Get ready for lots of fun! Inspired by Dr Seuss' The Cat in the Hat, share ideas and work together to devise a short, original Cat story with your NIDA friends for presentation at the end of term.

Course components

  • Creative Voice: Participate in fun and engaging exercises to develop new ideas and learn how to share these ideas with others.
  • Collaboration: Engage with and develop the ideas of other students in your class.
  • Performance: Work with a NIDA tutor and classmates to build a creative idea into a short, devised presentation.

Term 4, 2021: Paper Bag Hero

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Inspired by the delightful children’s book The Paper Bag Princess, create your own tale of adventure, peril and acts of bravery as you take your destiny into your own hands and discover what it really means to be a hero.

Course components

  • The Written Word: Learn how to turn a story into live performance.
  • Stage Craft: Practice live performance skills; speaking in front of an audience, basic stage craft, audience and performance etiquette.
  • Performance: Rehearse and present a short live performance.

Important information

  • Please read our Cancellation and Transfer Policy.
  • Flights and Accommodation: From time to time we may need to cancel an advertised course. Before booking flights and accommodation for travel to attend a NIDA Open course, please contact the NIDA Open office to confirm if your course will proceed as planned. NIDA does not accept liability for any associated costs of attendance or cancellation.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing you can move in for all drama and performance related courses. Clothing that restricts movement is inappropriate.
  • Please wear closed-in shoes. Shoes may be removed in the rehearsal room on the direction of the class tutor.
  • Please bring a bottle of water to all classes.
  • If you are running late to collect your child, please call NIDA reception on 02 9697 7600. NIDA will only provide supervision during advertised course times.

Enrol for the full year in advance to receive a 15% discount off the full price!

  • Discount is only applicable when booking all four terms within the same calendar year.
  • Discount is not available online. Please book over the phone by calling the office on 1300 450 417 to receive the discount.
  • If students do not attend all four terms, the discount is no longer valid.
$300 Limited inc GST
Drama for Grades Prep-2, Melbourne

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