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Screen Acting Essentials

For adults 18+ (Beginner) Develop screen presence and acting skills for rehearsing and performing scenes to camera. Be filmed in short scenes from film and television drama. Course components Understanding of medium specific vocal and physical requirements. Establish a relationship with the camera through use of eye line techniques. Development of on screen personal presence and self-awareness. Outcomes Use voice and movement to create truthful on screen characters. Demonstrate an... [More]

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Dramatic Writing Essentials

For adults 18+ (Beginner) Discover what makes effective characterisation and a good plot. Stretch your imagination and learn how to create original scripts. Course components Create and workshop your ideas for script development in a supportive environment. Develop techniques for effective characterisation and receive feedback from an industry professional. Undertake writing exercises to identify the structural differences between screen and play writing. Outcomes Script... [More]

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Improvisation Essentials

For adults 18+ (Beginner) Explore practical techniques to encourage spontaneity and unlock your imagination. Develop the fundamental skills to think on your feet and improvise with confidence in the rehearsal room and in performance. Course components Explore the fundamental principles of improvisation including accepting and extending offers, responding truthfully in the moment and following a spontaneous impulse. Engage in voice and movement training to enhance your performance... [More]

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Musical Theatre Essentials

For adults 18+ (Beginner) Explore the essentials of acting and singing in musical theatre. Work with a director to develop a solo or duet musical theatre performance. Course components Participate in a range of practical exercises to gain awareness of a range of improvisation and fundamental acting techniques. Focus on developing your vocal range and ability through singing intensives. Develop a musical theatre performance with support from a professional director. Outcomes Clear,... [More]

Acting for Stage and Screen, Grades 7-10

Holiday course Experience the power of voice, movement and improvisation as you rehearse and perform scenes from plays, films and TV. Workshop scenes to camera and perform for family and friends at the end of the course. Course components Text interpretation: Interpret and bring to life a short written text for live and recorded performance. Voice: Practice fundamental voice technique and discover why voice training is essential to the actors tool kit. Movement: Experience movement... [More]

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Writing for the Stage 101, Grades 11-12

Holiday course Discover the craft of writing for theatre. Build your ability to use structure, style and narrative. Create the beginnings of an original work that resonates with your audience. Course components Discover how to structure your writing effectively for the stage. Learn techniques to assist with concept development. Build your plot and character through dialogue to identify your writing "voice." Outcomes Creative development of ideas into writing synopsis and... [More]
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NIDA Acting 101, Grades 11-12

Holiday course Sharpen your performance skills through a comprehensive workshop with a theatre practitioner drawing on NIDA acting techniques. Develop key principles of actor training, and extend into characterisation and scenework. Interpret, rehearse and present some of the most exciting writing produced for young people today. Course components Apply key principles of NIDA Acting Techniques in scripted performance Develop engaging characters through improvisation and rehearsal... [More]

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NIDA Actors Project, Grades 11-12

Holiday course Experience the core tenets of NIDA actor training. Collaborate with a graduate from the NIDA Higher Education program to create voice, movement and devised performance projects. This course results in a presentation demonstrating all three areas to an invited audience including family and friends. Course components Technique: Unpack NIDA’s acting technique to identify the given circumstances of your scene, apply actions and pinpoint your character’s objective with... [More]

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NIDA Monster Zoo, Grades K-2

Holiday course Turn your favourite animated and computer game stories into a real-life adventure! Invent a monster or character inspired by popular computer game or animated characters and design a unique world for your character to live in. Create real life adventures, work on team challenges and create a short presentation for family and friends. Course components Creative Voice: Participate in fun and engaging drama exercises to develop personal and creative confidence. Physical... [More]

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NIDA Drama School, Grades 3-6

Holiday course A comprehensive course for committed young people. Develop performance skills including improvisation, voice and movement devising, acting and rehearsing scenes. Perform scenes at the end of the week for family and friends. Course components Ensemble: Work as part of a team to develop a shared creative vision. Creative Voice: Assume a variety of roles in a creative development process to generate new ideas for a live presentation. Spontaneity : Explore stories, ideas... [More]

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