Actors Studio - Audition

Discover. Create. Transform.

Develop individual and collaborative performance skills. Through technique and performance classes, craft a structured, personalised approach to your work as a performer.

This studio provides the opportunity to gain an understanding of your personal creative process and develop your vocal, physical and imaginative dexterity. Work with support and direction from industry professionals and acquire insight and inspiration in Masterclasses delivered by NIDA faculty.

Take your first steps towards pre-professional actor training. This course is ideal for those wishing to explore their potential as an artist or those preparing for higher education.

Course components

Term one

Instrument work: Extend your vocal range and find physical freedom through fundamental voice and movement training for the actor.

Imagination and collaboration: Work as an ensemble to develop spontaneity in performance through improvisation and impulse work. Apply vocal, physical and acting technique to develop character and inform work with text.

Term two

Classical technique: Extend your performance range by working with iconic classical texts, re-imagined for the 21st century. Engage with the demands of heightened language, bold physicality and challenging stagecraft.

Contemporary scene work: Develop performance approaches and techniques to realise a range of challenging contemporary material. Apply rehearsal practices and techniques to produce performances that are truthful and engaging.

Term three

Studio project: Collaborate with an industry professional to rehearse and stage a theatrical production. Sustain truthful responses while meeting the technical demands of a live performance environment.

Term four

Advanced acting and audition technique: Refine your personal acting process and respond intuitively in a variety of performance contexts. Select appropriate audition material; identify and apply effective audition techniques for a range of industry demands.

Acting to camera: Employ techniques to create dynamic screen and online performances. Develop your versatility as an actor by exploring multiple genres including soap, comedy and drama, while learning to adapt your skills to a screen format.


  • Employ improvisation as a tool for creating character
  • Respond to and perform a variety of classical and contemporary scripts
  • Realisation of a director’s vision and writer’s intent in performance
  • Work as part of an ensemble, applying appropriate etiquette under performance conditions
  • Develop authentic characterisation
  • Prepare and rehearse audition material
  • Apply acting skills to screen performance.

Term dates 2018

Saturdays, 11am–5pm

Term 1: 10 Feb–7 Apr
Term 2: 5 May–23Jun
Term 3: 28 Jul–22 Sep (performances scheduled last weekend of term)
Term 4: 20 Oct–8 Dec

Melbourne and Brisbane
Term 1: 3 Feb–24 Mar
Term 2: 5 May –23 Jun
Term 3: 28 Jul–22 Sep (performances scheduled last weekend of term)
Term 4: 20 Oct–8 Dec




The course fee is $4,550 payable in four instalments.
A separate audition fee of $35 will be charged.

Important information

  • Please read our cancellation and transfer policy.
  • Detailed audition preparation information will be sent via downloadable link within 2 working days of enrolment.
  • Please bring a CV outlining your interests and any past experience or training.
  • Please bring a passport style photo of yourself – this will be used for identification purposes only when the panel are making their decisions.

Audition information

Entry to the Actors Studio is by audition only. Audition information will be sent via a downloadable link within 2 working days of enrolment.

Audition dates 2018

Jan intake
Sat13 Jan 10am OR 2pm
Jul intake (Sydney only):
Sat 30 Jun 10am OR 2pm

Sat 13 Jan 10am

Sat 13 Jan 10am

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