What people are saying about NIDA Open courses

"This was the first term that Connor was enrolled for the drama class and each day when I picked him up he was very happy and kept telling me how much of a good time he had. He asked if he could continue to go back next term .... ‘and forever, mum I love it!’ I think that response speaks for itself."
Phillipa Blackie, mother of Connor

"Our son, Dean, enjoyed working with the tutor who was a highly engaged – and engaging – teacher. He intuitively recognised Dean’s all-encompassing imagination (!) and worked hard to help him stay focussed while at the same channelling his enthusiasm positively and constructively."
Phyllis Foundis, mother of Dean

"When your child bounds out of a class exclaiming ‘That was so much fun, we did, this and this and this’ and you see her confidence and skills grow and improve, you know it’s a good thing. Enjoy the showcase at the end of term as it’s a practical way to see what the kids get up to during the term and frankly far prefer this approach to a ‘polished’ performance as with the showcase we can really see the specific skills being taught during the term. See you next year :-)"
NIDA Parent, 2014

"NIDA courses are truly unique on the local scene of drama schools for children as they provide a highly professional, effective and very friendly and supportive learning environment and the course structure and content are consistently and expertly developed to meet the objectives."
NIDA Parent, 2014

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