NIDA Creative Kids NSW

Creative Kids NSW

The NSW Government is helping kids get creative with the new Creative Kids program.

Parents, guardians and carers can apply for a voucher with a value of up to $50 per calendar year for each student aged 4.5 to 18 years old enrolled in school.

As a registered provider for the Creative Kids program, you can redeem your voucher with us and let your child develop new skills. Enrol them in a new activity so they can create something great.

For more information regarding the Creative Kids program, or to learn more about the more than 40 government savings and rebates to help with your cost of living, visit

Already have a voucher? Call our office on 1300 450 417 to redeem your $50 discount.

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Some things you should know about redeeming a Creative Kids voucher with NIDA

  • The Creative Kids voucher is not issued by NIDA, it is issued by the NSW Government through Service NSW.
  • The $50 voucher can be used towards any NIDA Open short course for Children and Young People in NSW.
  • A Creative Kids voucher cannot be applied retrospectively to a NIDA enrolment. The voucher must be provided before payment is made and enrolment finalised.
  • Creative Kids vouchers can be redeemed over the phone by calling 1300 450 417.

Why are creative activities are important for my child?

Children have unlimited creative potential. They are curious, playful, imaginative, and open to new experiences. Creativity is not a fixed quantity, but a renewable skill and a way of thinking that can be improved and nurtured by allowing a child’s potential to develop.

Research has shown that children’s engagement with creative activities has positive effects on their interpersonal, intellectual, social and emotional development.

  • They engage with their imagination and originality as they Imagine and explore original ideas. Children who use fantasy and imagination are better able to engage in divergent thinking, with the ability to generate many ideas.
  • They stretch their flexibility, maintaining openness to unique and novel experiences.
  • They practice decision making, the ability to make thoughtful choices that support creative efforts.
  • They hone their communication and self-expression skills, learning to communicate ideas and their authentic selves with confidence.
  • They find internal motivation in striving to achieve a meaningful goal.
  • They experience the benefits of collaboration as they develop social skills that foster creative teamwork.
  • And, by using action and movement, they boost their creative potential through physical activity.