Term and holiday class dates

NIDA offers a range of courses for term and school holiday classes for children and young people from 2 to 18 years. Classes correlate with the grade your child is in at school.

The Sydney dates for term and holiday classes are listed below. See locations for courses held outside of Sydney.


Earlybird discounts

Book early and receive a 10% earlybird discount. See below for earlybird expiry dates.

Term and holiday dates

Autumn Holidays

  • Earlybird discount expires 4 weeks before course commencement

Term 2

  • Earlybird discount expires 31 March
  • Sydney classes run 29 April–25 June
  • Melbourne and Brisbane classes run 29 April–18 June

Winter Holidays

  • Sydney classes run 1 July–16 July
  • Melbourne classes run 3 July–16 July
  • Brisbane classes run 24 June–9 July
  • Perth classes run 3 July–16 July
  • Canberra classes run 3 July–16 July

Term 3

  • Sydney earlybird discount expires 30 June
  • Sydney classes run 29 July–21 September
  • Melbourne and Brisbane earlybird discount expires 23 June
  • Melbourne and Brisbane classes run 22 July–10 September

Spring Holidays

  • Sydney classes run 23 September–8 October
  • Melbourne classes run 25 September–6 October
  • Brisbane classes run 18 September–1 October
  • Perth and Canberra classes run 26 September–8 October

Term 4

  • Earlybird discount expires 15 September
  • Sydney and Melbourne classes run 14 October–7 December
  • Brisbane classes run 14 October–3 December

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