NIDA Top 10 courses for adults

Top 10 courses for adults

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What are NIDA’s most popular classes? We’ve put together the favourites for adults of any age with no previous experience necessary.

1. NIDA Acting Techniques

Identify and experience NIDA Acting Techniques. Develop skills in voice, movement, improvisation and characterisation. Respond to scripts, relate to others effectively, and prepare to act with ease and skill.

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2. Screen Acting Techniques

Discover your individual screen presence. Rehearse and perform scenes from contemporary film and television, and gain confidence in acting boldly and honestly for the camera.

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3. Acting: An Introduction

Through practical activities, discover the fundamental skills required for acting. Identify how to create character and how to respond effectively to other performers.

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4. Acting Essentials

Develop core acting skills including improvisation, voice and movement. Gain confidence rehearsing and performing short scenes.

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5. Screen Acting Essentials

Develop screen presence and acting skills for rehearsing and performing scenes to camera. Be filmed in short scenes from film and television drama.

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6. TV Presenting Techniques

Develop screen presence and the multiplicity of skills required to communicate to a television audience. Build confidence with interview technique for lifestyle, chat show and magazine programs. Create a range of scripted and non-scripted segments for the studio and on location. Review your work and receive expert feedback.

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7. TV Presenting Essentials

Develop a presentation persona as you practise on-camera technique and build vocal and physical presence. Explore interview techniques and present lifestyle pieces to camera.

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8. Audition Essentials

Discover how to get an audition, what kinds of scenes to choose and how to best prepare for the audition process.

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9. Stand-up Comedy

Discover and develop skills in stand-up comedy. Explore slapstick, clowning and the double act. Write and tell funny stories, use the microphone effectively and make your audience laugh! This course is excellent for building confidence in front of an audience.

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10. Directing Essentials

Understand how to create a director’s concept, which unifies the elements of a production and makes it unique. Explore the interplay of story, design and performance. Consider practical and imaginative aspects.

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Adults short courses run regularly in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and periodically in other locations across Australia. See all our locations to find a course near you.