NIDA Acting for Grades 11-12, NIDA Kensington

Acting for Grades 11-12, NIDA Kensington

Practice skill-based learning led by industry experts across a range of performing arts disciplines. NIDA courses for grade 11 and 12 students are designed to support and inspire young people at any stage of their creative development.

Learning framework

Each term we focus on a specific area of performance practice to ensure students have a varied experience and learn a range of essential creative skills.

Students are able to join us at the start of any term during the year.

NIDA Open Drama courses are designed across a four term structure within the following learning framework:

Term one Improvisation and Performance Craft
Term two Voice and Movement
Term three Devising and Contemporary Performance
Term four Script Work and Staging

Term 1, 2023: On your Feet

Work intensively under the guidance of a NIDA Open teaching artist to develop short and long form improvisation techniques. Explore spontaneity through classroom exercises from leading improvisation practitioners, Viola Spolin, Keith Johnstone and Lyn Pierse to create a completely improvised presentation. 

Course components

* Spontaneity: Develop spontaneity and performance craft and apply it to long and short form improvisation.
* Collaboration: Collaborate with your peers as you work together to explore different improvisation styles.
* Acting technique: Unpack Stanislavski’s techniques and apply it to your character work.  

Term 2, 2023: Centre Stage

Explore the craft of solo storytelling as you connect voice and body for live performance. Enhance your vocal dexterity and physical presence as you discover a range of contemporary monologues and found poetry. Under the direction of your NIDA Open teaching artist, develop stagecraft and performance technique to showcase your work. 

Course components

  • Voice: Identify strategies for engaging the voice in delivery.                                                                                  
  • Physical awareness:  Extend physical range in exploring character                                                                                     
  • Performance skill: Application of specific voice and movement choices to imbue character and performance.

Term 3, 2023: Art  Attack

 Bring the art gallery to life and transform paintings into performance as you interpret 21st century art and create a new devised work for the stage. Inspired by leading contemporary artists develop playbuilding techniques and collaborate to craft dynamic original scenes. Invite your family and friends to step into the picture at the end of term.

Course components

  • Contemporary practice: Tell creative stories using devising techniques to create your own performance work.
    Collaboration: Collaborate with your peers as you work together to explore different theatre-making styles.
    Stage Craft: Discover the elements that contribute to the physical realisation of a performance. 

Term 4, 2023:  Homegrown

Bring Australian plays to life! Take a rigorous and holistic approach to performance as you experience  a professional rehearsal process and examine contemporary Australian texts. Discover the world of the play through detailed script analysis and perform a selection of your favourite scenes to an invited audience at the end of term.

Course components

  • Text interpretation: Build your skills in dramaturgy as you discover the world of the play.
    Acting Technique: Hone your craft as you apply Stanislavski techniques such as beats and character bios in your scene work.
    Collaboration: Develop a collaborative relationship with your director as you explore staging possibilities.

Important information

  • Please read our Cancellation and Transfer Policy.
  • Flights and Accommodation: From time to time we may need to cancel an advertised course. Before booking flights and accommodation for travel to attend a NIDA Open course, please contact the NIDA Open office to confirm if your course will proceed as planned. NIDA does not accept liability for any associated costs of attendance or cancellation.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing you can move in for all drama and performance related courses. Clothing that restricts movement is inappropriate.
  • Please wear closed-in shoes. Shoes may be removed in the rehearsal room on the direction of the class tutor.
  • Participants must provide their own lunch, including snacks and drinks.
  • Students in courses for Grades 11–12 will not be supervised during breaks and are free to leave the venue at designated break times should they wish.

Enrol for the full year in advance to receive a 15% discount off the full price!

  • Discount is only applicable when booking all four terms within the same calendar year.
  • Discount is not available online. Please book over the phone by calling the office on 1300 450 417 to receive the discount.
  • If students do not attend all four terms, the discount is no longer valid.
$445 Limited inc GST
Acting for Grades 11-12, NIDA Kensington

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